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wild west terminology

Collected slang words and phrases of the Old West, extracted from period newspapers, books and memoirs. Plus detailed info on horses. Still .this guide of authentic old west terminology is one that will help "ya-all" understand the goin's on in your next melodrama. Or perhaps help you in writing. Cowboy Bob's Dictionary - terminology, slang, jargon and useful words of the cowboy lifestyle. wild west terminology

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Airtights - Canned goods, such as canned beans, milk, or fruit. Caterwauling — usually terrible singing, or complaining. Ace in the Hole - A hideout or a hidden gun. Absquatulate - To leave or disappear. Shoddy - Of poor quality. Adam's Ale - Water. Sent-Grat-Pon Word Roots 8 Beginner Word Roots 8 Intermediate Word Roots 8 Advanced Word Roots 9: Popper — a flat strip of leather at the end of a set of reins used to make a popping or slapping sound on your saddle or chaps as a way of communicating with the horse. Wreck — what happens when a horse or horses go crazy; bad wreck is a wreck in which a person or horse is hurt or killed. Idealistic, Indians, Inevitable, Infamous, Infuriate, Intense, Invasion. Michelle Lee - Cover Artist Woo Hoo Swiss stick - Eccentric person. Leaky mouths — talks too much, gossip. Yes, there was bowling during Old West times. Would rather sit around the coffee pot than help. Never overdue dialect and slang should be: Nubbin — saddle horn. Dict-Vent-Duct Word Roots 1 Beginner Word Roots 1 Intermediate Word Roots 1 Advanced Word Roots 2: Home Site Map About Us Contact How to Use F. Air Line Road - A railroad track when it passes over the level unbroken prairie. Evolution of American English. Jargon is a group of terms exclusive to certain kind of technical terminology. Often the hard way.

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ROULETTE TISCH FELDER Bosh - Nonsense — mostly used as an interjection or blurted. I am no expert, but to me, this area had a bad gelsenkirchen buer Dude horse — a horse that is slow, easy, lazy, and plodding; not a good horse for an experienced rider. I can set with that — I can agree with that, I book of ra 2 apk download handle. Frump - A plain or almost ugly lady. Air Line Road - A railroad track when it passes over the level unbroken prairie. The subject of prostitution in the Old West produces a lively conversation that can be intriguing as well as educational Use just enough to flavor the story. Rollers or blowing rollers — the blowing, razzing sound a horse makes when it is frightened or nervous. Apple - Saddle horn.
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Wonderous Times On The Frontier by Dee Brown: I'm a huge fan of slang and cant in history, so all these references and the list of Cowboy Speak is fabulous! Or perhaps help you in writing one of your. Angoras - Hair-covered, goat-hide xxlscore. School-ma'am or school-marm - A woman teacher. Face-to-face, Failure, Faith, Faithful, Feud, Fever, Fisticuffs, Foothills, Fortitude, Fortune, Frenzy, Frontiersman, Furor, Fury. Attitudinize - To assume an affected attitude. Ace in the Hole - A hideout or a hidden gun. Plug — an attachment inside of a muzzle that restricts virtually all eating while allowing a horse to drink freely; should only be used under supervised conditions. A Dictionary of The Old West by Peter Watts:

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